Refurbish of 5.5J Lotus Steels

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Paul 13654
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Refurbish of 5.5J Lotus Steels

Post by Paul 13654 » Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:48 pm

Hi all,

Having recently purchased a Mk1 Lotus - it is presently fitted with very nice wheels but not Lotus Steels.

The 5.5J steels did come with the car but they are probably at 8/10 - They have been blasted and powder coarted in the past but you can see signs of pitting which was not rectified before powder coating.

I would like to get them fully restored and then powder coated.

My location is Windsor, Berkshire - Can anyone recommend a company hat they have used for this process ?

I also have a 1500 which just needs the bumpers to be rechromed and it is then finished - anyone used a rechromer not to far from Windsor ??

Many thanks

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Steve 155C
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Re: Refurbish of 5.5J Lotus Steels

Post by Steve 155C » Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:28 pm

HI Paul , if you can still see the pitting after powder coating then they must have been bad. Maybe try getting them stripped and then painted (which any car bodyshop should be able to do) , but you may have to look for a better set of rims if you want perfection.

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